IP Locator

iOS Application To Track IP Addresses

IP Locator will allow you to track and locate the geolocation of any IP Address or Hostname. Doesn’t matter if you are a system administrator or network engineer or just want to track some ip you found on your router’s log, IP Locator will help you locate the IP with a click of a button.

From finding out if your VPN connection was successful, to tracking down the person trying to brute force your server, IP Locator has a lot of different usages.

Here are some of the features available on the current version of IP Locator:
* Track any IP or Hostname in the world.
* Keep a history of all the tracked IP’s.
* Find your own IP Address. (Similar to services like What’s My IP & more)
* Clean user interface.
* iPad support with split user interface in iPads.
* Detailed information about the geolocation of IP Address including latitude, longitude, postal code, continent, country, region, city, reverse hostname (rDNS) and more.